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Terapia online

He obtained the degree of Biology, the degree of Medicine and the doctorate in Medicine at the University of Barcelona. He was professor at this university for five years. Later on he specialised in Psychiatry at the Valdecilla Hospital in Santander.

After his academical studies, he participated in an extensive experiential training in the analytical psychotherapy and group conduction (groupanalysis and psychodrama). It was an intense personal and professional development stage. He gathers his reflections of this period in his book "El Corazón de los Grupos".

Since the start of his career, he was involve in professional associations. He was President of the Spanish Association of Psychodrama. Nowadays he is President of the Spanish Society of Psychotherapy and Group Techniques and Board Director of International Association of Group Psychotherapy. He is accredited as a trainer and supervisor by the Spanish Federation of Associations of Psychotherapists.

Early in his career, he colaborated with different organizations, among others, the Childhood and Adolecence Mental Health Programm of Govern of Cantabria, the School of "Melchor de Jovellanos" in Santander (associated with the University of Lincolshire and Humbeside in England), the School of Computer and Business CESINE, in Santander (associated with the University of Wales), Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, the Valdecilla Hospital in Santander and the Medical College of Cantabria. Currently, he is collaborating as trainer in the National University of Distance Education and Aragonese Institute of Social Services. On the other hand, he is Partner Director of the company Rivendel Grupos y Organizaciones,, which is devoted to experiential and online training in the human relations field.

Most part of his professional activity is focused on his private office where he conducts psychotherapy and personal development processes.

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